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The Dead Sea is shrinking

We often hear that our planet’s oceans are slowly rising to dangerous levels, submerging islands without a trace. But did you know that one historic sea is shrinking?

The mineralised “magic” waters of the Dead Sea, which have attracted visitors for thousands of years, are disappearing. In the past 50 years levels have fallen by 25m, alarming environmentalists, industrialists and tourist authorities alike. Now, in an effort to save this natural wonder, scientists are considering pumping water through tunnels and pipes from the Red Sea.

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit the Dead Sea, you will know that it’s a salt lake that lies on the lowest point on Earth. Tourists visit in hordes to enjoy its highly salty water, which is thought to have health-boosting qualities and is also great fun to float on.

Why is the Dead Sea disappearing? The Jordan River, which is its source, is being extracted at an astonishing rate to provide water for the citizens of surrounding Israel, Jordan and Syria. Critics of the pipes plan say that these countries should focus on cutting their water use drastically. Now the sea’s levels are falling at a rate of a metre each year, badly upsetting the ecosystem and endangering plants and birds. Already, luxury hotels and spas that once stood on the lakeside are marooned inland.

Some environmentalists have even warned that the Dead Sea could be gone by 2050, although experts say that it will never diappear completely because fresh water continues to seep up from beneath.

Come to the dead sea with Longwood

The Dead Sea is one of the most unique places on earth, and is an experience never likely to be forgotten. The naturally high salt levels of the Dead Sea create a unique floating sensation (it's literally impossible to sink!), while the nutrients of the famous Dead Sea mud are used to great effect at the local health spas, where a wide range of treatments are available.

The dramatic landscape of distant shores, still water and salt-encrusted shoreline also makes for a wonderful environment in which to simply relax and breathe in the highly-oxygenated air.

The Dead Sea also makes a great base for exploring the surrounding region, home to fascinating sights such as Mount Nebo, Madaba and Jerash.

How to Book

To visit the Dead Sea, the best option is to fly into Amman and transfer. If you're looking for a week of pampering and rejuvenation, you may want to visit the resort on its own; otherwise, it makes the perfect place to relax after visiting Petra and Amman on a multi-centre holiday.

Holidays to the Dead Sea can only be booked through reservations, unless you are looking for hotel accommodation only, which can be booked online as well, though as many hotels are on request, we recommend calling reservations on 020 8418 2525 for all available options.


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